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A solid foundation of Sino-French cooperation has lasted for over twenty-six years. It is a mark of the close collaboration with the Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) that the hospital took the name“Sino-French Hospital of Suzhou”since October 1992.
The hospital had renew a framework agreement with Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) , CHU de Strasbourg, CHU de Grenoble-Alpes and CHRU de Montpellier on May 2012.
  • After the initial cooperation with the AP-HP , we have trained a number of oncology, radiotherapist and tumor-related specialists, and now they have become the backbone of the Multidisciplinary teamwork (MDT) in our hospital.
  • With the support of the University Hospital of Strasbourg,the hospital has set up the intensive care discipline, and formed the talent echelon of the emergency and critical care department through the work training in France . Moreover, the tradition of sino-france cooperation was extended to the field of cooperation with the trauma center in Grenoble.
  • Under the guidance of expert from CHRU de Montpellier, the hospital established the first consultation sleep disorder and lymphoma in Suzhou.
  • Through cooperation with the imaging center of the medical center of Grenoble-Alpes university, supported by the foreign affairs office of the twin towns, the sino-french neuroimaging workshop was set up to provide standardized training for imaging specialists by adopting the interactive, single-disease teaching mode, which was approved and welcomed by coworkers and other professionals  in the industry.
91 persons/times were sent to France, to conduct these courses,
85 persons have already returned and play an important role in the hospital.
We have received 80 French medical students and 6 exchange students from other countries(Germany, Sweden, Spain,Greek,Italy and Russia) for short-term internship in our hospital.


  • Pr. J.F. LE BAS


    Sept. 2002

  • Pr. Philippe SAUDER


    Avril 2004



    Nov. 2010

  • Pr. C.C. ABBOU


    Sept. 2012

Other International Cooperation
The hospital has sent lots of doctors and nurses to foreign hospitals and medicine centers to take further study for a short term. Also, many medical personals go aboard to attend in the international conferences.
The hospital also strengthened exchanges and cooperation with university hospitals in Japan, the United States and Germany.


On june 28,2018, our hospital and Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR held a cooperation signing ceremony in Tokyo, Japan. General Director Mr. SUN Guang-xia and President Mr. Yama-guchi Toshiharu signed the agreement on behalf of both sides respectively, formally opening the prelude of comprehensive cooperation between the two hospitals, which will provide a good opportunity for both sides to further improve the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and bring good news for the rehabilitation of more tumor patients.


We present the IC2KnoW project, an original hands-on training program in diagnostic neuro-radiology, conducted by French neuro-radiologists from the department of neuroradiology of the University Hospital of Grenoble, France, in the department of Radiology of The 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University in Suzhou, China. The program was supported by The 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University.

After a one-day hands-on presentation of the project in 2015, a dedicated training room was built with 15 desktops to allow full imaging cases visualization using Horos, a DICOM image viewer ( Fou Four training sessions gathering 8 thematic modules were conducted in 2 years (2016-2018). Training was conducted on site in English with simultaneous Chinese translation to a mean of 31 students per session.

Each of the 4 sessions lasted 2 days and gathered: 4 lectures; about 170 imaging cases; a syllabus with references and lectures; imaging cases scenarii; pre- and post-tests; a training evaluation. These documents were in both English and Chinese.Pre and post-tests showed a +27% mean increase expertise of the students.Over time, the training evaluation showed a continuous satisfaction increase of the students, with an excellent rating starting from 72% at session 1 to 92% at session 4.

Dedicated webpages were built :

Advantages and limitations of the current organization and set-up are discussed. Perspectives are presented.