The International Medical Center is acutely aware of the importance of medical insurance in the entire medical service. As early as in the 90s, it took the lead in establishing ties with foreign health insurance companies. Since then, it has established close cooperation with a number of international insurance institutions. Direct settlement of claims is introduced to provide cash-free services. Patients only need to show a designated medical insurance card when they go to a doctor, so they do not have to pay medical expenses within the coverage of the insurance, which greatly facilitates the patient and simplifies the procedures for seeking medical treatment. In recent years, the cooperation between the center and the insurance company has been developing continuously, which makes the hospital and the medical insurance form a good relationship of complementary and amalgamation, and improves the effective utilization of the medical resources. The exhibition has successively signed cash payment contracts with more than 20 insurance companies, worked out standardized insurance contract models and signing procedures, and conscientiously summed up the experience of direct payment of commercial insurance in high-end medical services, so as to greatly increase medical services. The amount of insurance payments increased from the initial single digits to 50 percent of the total business income. The center took full advantage of market forces, including medical insurance, The successful market operation model contributes to the reform of domestic medical mechanism and the international medical settlement business.


Patient call insurance companies

Make an appointment


Financial confirmation

The hospital and insurance agency shall
directly settle accounts
Patient call insurance

Issue a letter of guarantee

Registration in hospital

Financial confirmation of medical ex-
penses when leaving hospital

The hospital and insurance agency shall
directly settle accounts